Real Stories With Real Results

In a diverse industry such as health, wellness and nutrition you can sometimes feel pulled in many different direction. The amount of information flooding the internet on joint health is nothing less than staggering, and choosing the right type of joint support that suits your needs can feel a little overwhelming.

Many sites and products can makes claims, and while US Doctors' Clinical is backed by an advisory board of doctors and proven in a clinical study, we want you to feel comfortable in your choice of joint health care. This is why the stories of those who have and continue to rely on Arthro-7 is so important to us. It gives you direct insight to real people, across the United States, from all users of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, and needs:

James S. - Florida

4 years ago, my wife gave me Arthro-7. In 2 days my pain in my joints, hands, back are gone. Thanks to Arthro-7 I can walk 2 miles a day. I’m 62 years young.

Sandy B. - Ohio

You can title this “I’m a Believer”!!!...There were days when I didn’t know how I would make it to my car in the parking lot after work! Arthro-7 is a wonder supplement to me! It was a miracle what happened to my knee…

Julio M. - California

In 1887 I had a back operation – it was successful but after a few months I would get up and my back would be stiff. Then I tried Arthro-7, I no longer have that feeling it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve used it.

Janice C. – North Carolina

I was a high school English teacher when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back. The constant pain was unbearable and leaning over students’ desks to lend individual help became excruciating. I was prescribed pain medication, but I soon realized that each time the pain medication wore off, my condition had worsened. I was told it was a degenerative condition with no cure. I could expect replacement surgery and a wheel chair in my future. I was not willing to accept disability at 51. In my research for a way to improve my condition, I came across Arthro-7. For me, it was a miracle. After just one day’s use, I felt better. After a week’s use, I no longer needed the pain medicine. Today, at 61, I still take Arthro-7 every day and I credit it for allowing me to enjoy an active, productive lifestyle.

Mary B. - Michigan

My mom had knee trouble resulting in surgeries. I didn’t want to go through that too. When my knees started giving me a lot of pain I started taking Arthro-7 and Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM. With these products I am a new person! Starting at age 35 and wouldn’t miss a day. I am now 42, thank you.

Maxine G. - New York

Arthro-7 – I recommend it to everyone! 10 years ago I was unable to put my hair in a ponytail because I could not lift my arms. Now, I am as nimble as a teenager. If I was stranded on a desert island I’d want lipstick and Arthro-7.

Fred K. - Michigan

I was playing catch with my grandson, had to throw underhand due to pain in my shoulder and elbow. After taking MSM capsules and Arthro-7 over the winter, I told him to back up as I was throwing overhand with no pain.

Eleanor B. – New York

After swimming with the polar bears (winter swimmers here in New York) my joints were giving me trouble, mainly my knees. About then I heard about Arthro-7 I’ve been taking 2 every day for about 10 years and ever since I’ve had no pain at all. Thank you.

Erania A.

I started using Arthro-7 in 1997. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. As a believer in the Almighty and knowing that herbs were created with medicinal purposes, when I read about Arthro-7 it was as faith in God’s word. As I read your article I believed that the ingredients in Arthro-7 would restore health. I have been pain free since then and will continue to use your product.

Martin H.

Prior to taking Arthro-7 I had to have my knees drained and injected approximately every 3 months. Since taking Arthro-7, my knees have felt great. I thought I could get along without Arthro-7, but within a few days I realized I need Arthro-7.

Frances A.

I have been taking Arthro-7 for the past six years. I had pain in my left shoulder. I have been pain free since I started taking Arthro-7. I take one pill every morning with a glass of water. This works best for me. I recommend Arthro-7 to anyone to alleviate their joint pain and discomfort.

Betty L.

Several years ago an ad that asked “Do nervous legs interrupt your sleep?” caught my eye. It continued “This early sign of arthritis can improve with Arthro-7 containing collagen and bromelain.” I’m now 81 years old. No leg problems, hands, back or neck!

K. Evans

I am a pastor and painting contractor. Preaching on the weekends and painting during the week days. Two years ago I met a little old lady who told me about Arthro-7. I’m having trouble with some of my joints and she shared a bottle with me. After taking Arthro-7, I immediately began to tell a big difference, even in my joints. I ordered it and ran out 2 months ago and believe me, my pain came back. I whole heartedly recommend Arthro-7 to anyone who has joint problems.

June H. - Pennsylvania

My husband and I are on the shady-side of seventy-five. We were having trouble maintaining our home, then I heard about Arthro-7 from my sister. We just hosted a party for fifty people. We never could have done it if we hadn’t started on Arthro-7. The house looked good and so did we!

Mary T.

For many years of past and present, I have used GVI GH3. I’m 85 years. No one believes my age. They are amazed. I look and feel younger than my years. Arthro-7 and Mega MSM, have truly been a blessing for my bone and joint support daily. BrainPower aids brain vigilance. I’ll always continue GVI products. Thanks GVI products!

Adolfo M.

Arthro-7 is great. Would be with it for aches and pain. Found it two years ago by mistake and I don’t have pain at all. 85 years young. Have a good day like I do.

Adele M. – New York

For years I had joints, bone, and arthritis problems, specifically my knees and my left shoulder. My doctor and 2 orthopedics told me that I need an operation. I refused… Now after 3 years taking one month Arthro-7 and one Mega MSM, the results are amazing. My knees are in very good condition and my shoulder much much better. Thank you for your great products and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy life again. I will never stop taking Arthro-7 and Mega MSM.

Richard S. - California

I am 73 years old, I have Osteoarthritis, I been taking Arthro 7 for over 3 years. Arthro 7, helped me a great deal. I don’t have pain, swelling and stiffness any more. Thanks to Arthro 7. I am so pleased with the results.

Wanda B. - Arizona

I started taking Arthro 7 about 5 years ago. After one year I was walking and climbing stairs without holding a rail. I quit taking Arthro 7 and within a week I was back where I started. Could not walk or climb stairs. So back I went to my Arthro 7. Thank you Gardavita.

Jasbir B. - Illinois

I am 65 years old. Few years before I started knee joint pain, my brother told me to use Arthro 7 as it helped him. Usually I stay away from products not prescribed by the doctor. Anyhow I used few bottles of Arthro 7 on as needed basis. My knee problem was gone. Then I stopped using Arthro 7. But it is not very helpful. Now again I came back to Arthro 7 and I will be using as needed basis. Arthro 7 is great product at least for knee joints.

Stanley R. - Michigan

5 years ago my regular doctor sent me to the best arthritis specialist in the city. He informed me that there was nothing he could do and I wouldn’t be walking within a year. While looking through a magazine, I saw an ad for Arthro 7. I ordered some and I now golf twice a week.

Kathleen G. - Connecticut

After a struggle with Breast Cancer, the chemotherapy and radiation helped me overcome this disease. Shortly after this treatment my knees, hips and heels of my feet ached. I could barely walk. I Arthro 7 which helped me 3 months after I began to use this product. I have recommended this product to people who also have arthritis pain.

Ruth Branson - Florida

When I used your Arthro 7, I got such good relief in about 10-15 minutes! It was such a blessing to be free of pain.

Monica H. - Indiana

I have been using bone & joint topical gel as well as Arthro 7. Can’t do without it have to use it every day. It is all what you have said it will do. I have found nothing better for arthritis pain.

Lois S. - Florida

Over the past few years, I have used a number of US Doctors' Clinical products, which of course have proved to be satisfactory and beneficial to my health. The most recent one is Arthro 7. This vitamin supplement has helped maintain my weight and help control my osteoarthritis problem, to rebuild the joint connective tissue.

Charles C. – New York

After 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries in the early 90s, my hip began to have severe pain that became intolerable, leading to a total hip replacement in March of 1999. After my knee surgeries I began taking Arthro 7 and have had very little or no knee pain or stiffness. After the hip replacement Arthro7 and stretching has enabled me. A 68 year old to play golf and maintain a 2 handicap and this year winning 7 tournaments and my 12th hole in one!

Ismael S. - Texas

I started taking Arthro 7 because my joints in both fingers and hands were very painful. After taking Arthro 7 for a short time, I felt great. My joints do not bother me anymore.

Gerhard S. - California

Beginning March 2004, I started your Arthro 7 product. Until than I had a period of severe problems and pain in both of my knees. Many doctor visits and various remedies weren’t of much relief. Well for many months now I’m problem free and can do things again, I was unable to do before thanks to Arthro 7.

Margaret & LeRoy B. – Florida

My husband, our son and I have used Arthro 7 for many years and feel like we can’t do without it, for our arthritis problems. We have also used other supplements from Gardavita and liked them as well. Sincerely, the Booth Residence

Ruth B. - Texas

My orthopedic doctor has been treating my painful hips with medication. About five or six years ago he showed me my x-rays and scheduled me for surgery (replacement) one night while awake with pain I saw on T.V. this (old actor) talking about Arthro 7. I started taking it. No more pain. No surgeries.

Robert & Hermina E. - Ohio

In our early years we would have minor aches and pains. Now we have been married 64 years and still using Arthro 7. At first once4 a day, but now two (twice) a day for me and maybe once for my husband. For our aches and pain it is perfect. Thank you.

Sylvia Y. - Hawaii

Since using Arthro 7 my aches and pains have gone and I am able to al all the things I used to. God bless you.

Charlie M. - Arkansas

Several years ago, with a farm and rental properties, I needed to be able to drive a nail with a hammer, could not, right elbow ached so much. Also, had to sell my tall man recliner, both hip joints ached too much, could not sit and watch a movie. First month of Arthro 7, could tell a difference, now doing it all at 65 years.

J. Bross – New Jersey

I suffer from fibromyalgia, an extremely painful muscle weakening illness. My chiropractor urged me to try Arthro 7 and it has helped tremendously. Before I was not really able to even tolerate simple exercises but after a few months of Arthro 7 I would build up to several repetitions of some basic exercises that are essential to my being able to do simple daily tasks. It of course is not a cure, but I was a basket case before Arthro 7.

Angelika S. - Alabama

I am 53 years old and have chronic back pain due to arthritis spinal stenosis and since 2001 a knee injury that caused me a significant amount of pain. I’ve tried Vioxx, Celebrex, Mobic, Motrin, and even steroids none of it brought relief. I started taking Arthro 7 about one month ago and after two weeks my chronic inflammation was gone, I can slowly walk upstairs without extreme pain and I even started exercising again. Even my headaches lessen and my sinus problems are under control, as well as my nails are not so brittle. I have more energy and am not depressed anymore. Thanks a lot!!!

Nell B. - Georgia

I’m a 64 year old grandmother. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and arthritis for at least 20 years. It effects my back, ribs, neck, shoulders and knees. I have degenerative disc, muscle weakness. I’ve had 3 frozen shoulders and 1 frozen elbow. I’ve taken either Mega MSM or Arthro 7 for the past 6 years. It has saved my life. I thank you for this wonderful product.

Toshiko E. - Maryland

Approximately 8 years ago, I was suffering from extreme and excruciating back pain that I hardly could get up in the morning and walk from our bedroom to the kitchen counter to fix my husband a cup of coffee. We tried everything which included detailed examination at the orthopedic clinic, pain clinic and physical therapy section at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Hospital. Tried acupuncture for a couple of years, took epidermal steroid injections for several years every 90 days and nothing helped. Then I discovered Arthro 7 from your magazine. I was first very skeptical and even had that checked by my primary care physician at Walter Reed who assured me that it was fine. So I started using this fine product as I purchase first 1 month then 3 months and later 6 month supplies. To my assessment the pain dissipated and went away, I could get up in the mornings ad start walking the treadmill 1 to 3 miles daily. In conclusion the back pain almost completely went away and I am now a firm believer in Arthro 7. Thanks Arthro 7 for putting me on the road to recovery from an impossible situation.

Linda M. – Washington

Ordinarily I do not response to this type of advertising but I do have a story and really believe in your product, Arthro 7. Several years ago, actually about 7 years ago, I had such bad arthritis in my hands that I could not straighten them out or close my hands into a fist. My daughter would pull on my fingers as we sat in church to help me straighten them. Arthro 7 worked for me when other products just exercise and natural foods did not. I still work full time as a high school teacher and do all my own yard work. Wonderful product, without Arthro 7 my hands become stiff.

Sandra S. - California

Four years ago, I developed pain in my hips so bad that I could only walk a few feet at a time on our vacation. I went to see my doctor and he took an x-ray and said I had arthritis. I was only 55 and thought I was too young for that. He prescribed a drug with nasty side effects. I didn’t want to take the risks. My mom showed me your catalog and I ordered Arthro 7. My pain was totally gone, shortly after starting the pills and it had no side effects. I take 2 a day and am completely satisfied.

V. Main - Illinois

Took my car to be serviced, asked my mechanic how he was? He said, he felt great. I didn’t, my knees were real bad. He said his shoulders were but with Arthro 7, he was without shoulder pain. He showed me a newsletter about Arthro 7, I ordered a three month supply. Within 14 days my knees was not hurting. Walk three miles a day. Have told several friends about Arthro 7.

Linda P. – Texas

: I tell everyone I know about your products and give out books also. I’m 58 and have been waiting on tables for nearly 40 years. My arthritis aches in my knees, back, hands, ankles but with your products I just keep on going! Since Celebrex, Vioxx and Bextra are all getting bad news, seems Arthro 7, MSM and Celadrin are the only way to go. Keep up the good work and thank you for the relief you’ve given me. My husband had a heart bypass and I have to keep working to make it and my mobility is so important. I know I’m one of so many who feel this way. Thanks again and God Bless.

Austin R. - Utah

I decided to discontinue my Arthro 7 and see what happened. What happened was that I was soon on crutches! I went back on Arthro 7 and was soon off from the crutches. I am very grateful to Arthro 7 for what it does for me.

Larry C. - Ohio

I suffer from swollen hands and knees. Every prescription medicine I try, helps. Only Arthro 7 eliminates the pain and swelling. I couldn’t live without it. Also no side effects. None.

George N. - Wyoming

I have taken Arthro 7 for about 7 years. I have had arthritis in my knees and I heard about Arthro 7 and I tried it. In 2004, I had my knees x-rayed and I don’t have any arthritis. My knees feel 80% better. Thanks to Arthro 7.